Disable xiaomi gateway light

I really don’t want to use the gateway light at all and currently when I trigger my all_lights group it is turned off and on.

I don’t seem to be able to find a way to disable it entirely or to make it not participate in the all lights group.

any ideas?

I grouped my lights separately for turning on and just turn them all off together.

I have the same problem, let me know if you find a solution. I use a google home to turn the lights on and off, if I don’t specify a room it automatically uses the all lights group and my xiaomi gateway light comes on. I can just say kitchen light ect but that is not as intuitive. Especially with others using it.

Make an automation to turn it back off when it turns on?
Open it up and rip the LED out?

Surely you don’t need to turn all of your lights on at the same time? I would group all the ones you wish to turn on with voice command and call that group something like “downstairs lights” and use this domain to call your lights. “OK google, turn on the downstairs lights” for example and only those lights with in the group will turn on.

Thanks for the ideas all. Turns out my issue wasn’t related to the HAS all_lights group at all. The google home was just turning on all the lights I had synced not referencing the group. Simple solution was excluding the Xiaomi light entity from synced devices.

I only have one actual light :slight_smile: so this saves me referencing the specific room.