DISCONTINUED HA Client - native Android client for Home Assistant

Me too. I am with 0.78.3

I access with http and I put my hass address

It looks like the issue with local IP connection. I’ll test on my setup

Could you access your web interface with the same IP, http protocol and the same port you use in app?

I am not sure i understand.

I always access HASS with my browser at

of course locally under WiFi

Good. Did you use just a password to login to HASS, or you are using new auth system with username and password?

username and password

Ok. Now please show me a screenshot of your app settings. You can send it in private message if you want.

Thanks. It seams all should be fine. I’m checking the same config on my Hass.io now.

I changed the access token putting a wrong one, and it gave error token wrong, so it does connect to HASS for that at least

That is rather weird IP address. What’s your router IP address then?

Aaa, i see. That is clear now. :wink:

I see now. Looks like it is an error in parsing entities. I’ll add handling parse errors in visual way in next build to know which entity cause error.

thank you, hoping for the fix

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One thing I noticed so far. App show states as oryginal values. Example below (home, not_home) instead Home, Away?

Now it shows only state field value. Translations and friendly states are planned.

Aaa, ok. Sorry. Didn’t know. Thanks for that.

I’m excited to get a client that is faster than the web app. Will you be posting the code somewhere?

I’m still thinking about it.