Discover Problem (AVR and Squeezeboxplayer) and in this case with lovelace

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Hello Community,

I have several problems since an update and although I am now up from an older HA version (0.7x.x) to version 0.86.2.

I’ve been using LMS with some players for a long time (PiCore also Sqeezelite), which has always worked without any problems.

Since I am on the current version I have two problems:

a) my AVR4306 as well
b) my squeezeboxplayer

will ONLY be displayed (discoverd) when I restart HA and all devices are online at the same time!

If I start a player after the start of HA, then this device will not be found, only when booting HA (or service restart of HA)

The next problem, what happens, since version 0.86.2 I have also switched to Lovelace, i. everything seems in the file:


to be saved.

The problem is, however, that if a player was not found, the player also disappears in the Lovelace interface :frowning: even if the player was online when restarting HA, it will not be added to the interface anymore.

Is there any information, if this is fixed or what the workaround is?

Sorry for the long text, here again the abstract:

  • Players (AVR and Squeezeboxplayer) are only discovered in HA if they are online during the start
  • If these players are not on the grid, they also disappear in Lovelace, but will not be added later

This is currently very unfortunate, because I have no desire to leave all device constantly online for the purpose of power consumption and I do not want to constantly adjust Lovelace as soon as a player is back online.

If a player is not online when ha is started, then i can not enter it into lovelace because he does not know the entity :frowning:

I hope u can help me.

Greetings Mike

PS: or is there any way to enter the squeezeboxplayer manuel to the config? But i think is wll not work like my AVR :frowning: cause this player is already entered manual an it works only at HA start, when the AVR is online also at the same time.

PSS: i found an other thread (reddit). They talk about sonos with the same problem an the workaround is, that they enter manual the device and disable sonos at discover, but i dont know, how i manual enter the sqeezeboxplayer. The only thing i found is, that i can configure LMS himself but not the players.

Any idea?