Discovered Devices


When a Bluetooth device is discovered by a certain Bluetooth adapter / Bluetooth proxy is it logged and then it won’t connect to another adapter?

The reason I ask is I have a plant sensor that was in one room in the house which I have moved to another part of the house, it’s right next to an ESP Bluetooth proxy but it doesn’t get picked up by it. I wondered if it was locked to the first adapter that discovers it. If so how can I change that?

Try to reboot sensor (or remove battery for …1 minute or so…) - that way it will connect to nearest (first) point. I have LD2410 BT sensors and they also connect only to one BT device at a time. To connect to a different BT i have to reboot sensor.

That didnt seems to work, its really odd because it a plant sensor right next to hygrometer. The Hygrometer is fine but the plant sensor is disconnected.