Display a card only on a specific device

I have a lovelace card that has 2 versions.

One would look good on my iPad and the other looks good on my PC.

Is there any way I can get HA to display the correct card on the correct device? I seem to remember the custom header used to allow user agents…

I have two dashboards, one for mobile, one for desktop. I assign the default dashboard on the device.

I asked about automatically assigning the dashboard with browser-mod (it can detect devices and user agents) but did not understand the answer, so never implemented it.

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Yeah I saw the browser-mod as well as another custom-card but just don’t understand that either. Maybe a dashboard is the way to go but seems overkill for one card in one view I’d like to change…

I have very similar situation. I solved it by using different usernames on devices and conditionally visible content using state-switch lovelace extension from HACS.

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Ok that is awesome!!!
I used the mediacontrol for screen width and it does exactly what I want. Even wrapping a decluttering card in it. beautiful!!!
@tom_l check it out Tom!

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This add-on will help you for displaying cards only on specific devices: GitHub - thomasloven/lovelace-state-switch: 🔹Dynamically replace lovelace cards depending on occasion ; I am now figuring a way to show “advanced” settings only to administrators and to show “basic” settings to normal users. A third option will be “intermediate”, for the settings in-between.

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