Display attributes

I have an entity that has the following characteristics:

state_class: measurement
  Date: '2022-10-31T10:23:41.000Z'
  MWh-Price: 450
  M3-Price: 0
  Amount-MWh: 10988.55
  Amount-M3: 54
  Amount-VAT: 3888.14
  Amount-Total: 0
  Amount-Paid: 23590
  Amount-Remaining: -4149.31
unit_of_measurement: kr
device_class: monetary
icon: mdi:cash-100
friendly_name: EForsyning Amount remaining

When I want to show the attributes, I only got one =“data” that has all the other information as text.
Is there a way to show the underlying information “Date”, MWh-price", etc as an entity displaying each?

You could create template sensors for each attribute.

Thank you. Could you give an example?

If you are using markdown cards then you can do this

{{ state_attr(‘sensor.eforsyning’,‘data’)[‘MWh-Price’] }}

It works. Thank you very much