Display Helpers/Schedule on Dashboard (Lovelace)?

I’ve just set up a heating schedule via Helpers but there doesn’t appear to be an associated lovelace card? Navigating via Settings > Devices & Services > Helpers > Schedule is a bit clunky.

What’s the best way to display one of the new schedules on a Lovelace dashboard?


You can add the schedule.xxxxx entity to an entities card which will display the entity name and state (i.e. whether the schedule is currently on or off). Clicking on the entity name will allow you to access and adjust the schedule times under the settings tab.

Thanks, that certainly helps although I was ideally looking for a way to display the schedule directly in lovelace


There is also a scheduler card for lovelace

@aceindy that looks like it needs a customer scheduler component to support it (according to the documentation)?

I’m using the built in scheduler under helpers, not a customer scheduler

Same case as you,
A lovelace card with the schedule directly accessible will be awesome !!!


Anything new here? I got the problem that users should be able to change schedules, but shouldn’t be full administrators, which seems not possible at the moment.

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There is also a scheduler card for lovelace

Just asking, as this thread is a couple of years old, but does HA have anything that’s equivalent to this now as part oft he basic build?

I’m ideally looking to do an HA implementation that’s as vanilla as can be helped, so that if anything every goes wrong or changes in the system no dependencies are broken or created to sources that may not exist or may be somewhere else.

There is a scheduler helper, but I haven’t had a chance to explore it sufficiently yet so I don’t know all that it can do (I found this thread while looking for information on it).

My end goal is to have a lovelace card that can be used to set particular automations to be run at a specific time on a specific day of the week (Every Monday, every week, as opposed to one specific Monday).