Display hourly weather forecast?

The darksky integration proposes on hourly data set. However, I was not able to find a card to display eg. the next 10 hourly forecast nicely. I don’t wont a graph I just would like to see raw data for temperature, precipitation, wind…
The more-info on the weather card I am using displays the daily forecasts but not the hourly. Ideally, I would like the “more-info” to dig into the hourly information for a given day.

I would love to get this on my lovelace:

Edit: I can kind of get it working in an iFrame but I get errors:

var customContainer = document.getElementById("customize-script-container"); if(customContainer === null) document.write("

Haha 50 people clicked and I forgot about this.
The iFrame is so weird how it renders.

Has anyone solved this request - with several forecasts for the day ?


Yes. I am using the popup-card and the markdown card. When I click on the weather card, I have a popup with the detailed daily forecast in markdown (so simple text, no icons,…).