Display of entities based on state of different entities

I’m trying to get a card to display a set of entities related to ones which have not been turned-on, on another card and thought that either the conditional or entity-state card might enable this, but just want to check to see if anyone else can figure this out.

I have a list of entities representing lights, which are used to define whether they come on or not at sunset (or set-time). What I want to get is then another card which shows only those corresponding related entities (not the same ones) for control of some automation for holiday purposes. So if a light is selected for the standard lights on at sunset it should not then be part of the holiday sequence.


  • light_1 - on
  • light_2 - off
  • light_3 - off
  • light_4 - on

Conditional card to then only show

  • input_boolean.light_1_vacation_switch
  • input_boolean.light_4_vacation_switch

The conditional card only allows showing of entities which are part of the condition and entity-select seems to operate in the same way. Any thoughts?

This is not true. The conditional card allows you to use any entities you wish along with any single card if the conditions are met.

- type: conditional
    - entity: light.light_1
      state: "on"
    - entity: light.light_2
      state: "off"
    - entity: light.light_3
       state: "off"
    - entity: light.light_4
      state: "on"
    type: entities
      - input_boolean.light_1_vacation_switch
      - input_boolean.light_4_vacation_switch

entity-filter does behave as you stated as it is a filter and would not be an appropriate solution for your use case