Dissappointing aqara vibration sensor..1min update timeout?

No matter what sensitivity i set it to in zigbeemqtt, it seems it detects once then waits for a minute or so…i was hoping to use it as a detector for robot vacuums or as a wheeliebin sensor, but this seems useless almost.

Angle seems to be updating all the time, and the drop sensor. But vibration is …hmm.

From their faq page:

There are constant vibrations, but “vibration detected” event is only triggered sometimes. Why is that?

The “vibration detected” event is triggered once a minute. If the event has been triggered, then it will not be triggered for the next minute. If the vibrations persist, the event will be triggered again a minute later.

So its doing exactly as advertised.

Hmm, didn’t realise. Not sure how useful this is going to be or why they did it like this. I guess it’s fine as long as it doesn’t change status as long there is still vibration. Have to check that.

Thanks for that.

update : Nope. Doesn’t take existing movement in account, still goes False after timeout.

Maybe create a Template Sensor and use

delay_off time (optional)
The amount of time the template state must be not met before this sensor will switch to off. This can also be a template.

As for the why, prob something todo with the battery life. But thats a total guess on my part

Yeah i guess i can work with the 1 minute for things that don’t require super accurate timings, but the good thing is HA allows for checking just for Tilt and include all the axis’s in there, so i could use that as a bin sensor.

Would you share what you made out of that (quite good) idea?

So far vibration is the only thing that reliably works, so i can make something out of that (like bins haven’t move e.g. bins are not put out). But anything else like bins have been emptied, bins are still outside, etc i think i really need a distance sensor. I messed around with BLE and a dongle before, but it was very inaccurate.

The problem with the angle is it only updates when it has been in that position for a second or 2. So not really useful for detection motion/vibration/window open/closed etc.

I guess a motion sensor at the bottom of the bin might work (when it gets emptied, it will see motion). It’s a tricky thing automating this.

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