DIY Project: Current meter - Mains relay control - remote switch

Hi All,

First project here and not that much knowledge into electronics. I have done some Youtube university learning though :slight_smile: So bear with me. I know there are ready-made modules for what I intend to build but I want to try my hand at it and learn something in the process. I have the tools, the space and I can get all the parts I need easily.
So I’m making a new breaker panel to relocate the old one. I’ll start by building the new one then move all the wiring. I thought why not integrate some automation there. here is what I’m thinking of:

  1. Be able to monitor current consumption per connected device: all wires leaving the panel.
  2. Be able to cut power to all wires leaving the panel.
  3. Be able to switch a line off using HA (ex living room lights) and switch on using the standard on/off switches in the living room. I understand I’ll have to use 12v wires with new switches for this purpose.
  4. Be able to add some motion sensor for some zones and be able to bypass them if I have to stay longer in that zone. I’m thinking of using an mmwave presence sensors but I need the bypass switch just in case.
  5. Control my radiator on/off with some 24v or 220v thermal actuators. Some 12 valves will be needed.
  6. Control my new not yet installed FAAC gate opening system.
  7. Control my Garage opening system (This is almost finished as a standalone 5v relay with esp32 and some reed sensor for open/close status detection).
  8. Maybe interact with my future IP cameras (will be using Blue Iris) for security monitoring. I think Blue Iris does that already.
  9. If you have other cool stuff please shoot.
    House is undergoing some major changes so I want to take advantage of this and do some nice automation I can troubleshoot on my own. I am not in a hurry.
    I will need to start drawing all this. It will be the first time I will be drawing something in electronics so bear with me. I know it might sound a bit crazy. I will be getting a 3D printer so making stuff will be easier. I’m thinking multiple boards for all this. separate stuff for current monitoring and AC on/off control…
    So the parts list is open. Please add the parts you see fit for this project. I won’t be making a PCB. I would like to keep it old school. Not sure that will do though.

Ok change of plan here :slight_smile:
I would like to have separate components to make maintenance easier. I will go with ready made parts to avoid reinventing the wheel. And maybe in the future make my own setup.

ESP32 ethernet => Signal converter 3.3 to 12v => 30a relay board to control the output from HA + 12v light switches to control output (lights in this case) from switches on the wall.

I will be looking for DIN rail stuff to make a new clean electrical panel.