DLNA Media Player (Onkyo meets Synology)

Can someone please help with my limited understanding:

  • I have an Onkyo AV as DLNA DMR (digital media renderer). It also acts as DMP (digital media player).
  • I have a Synology diskstation as DLNA DMS (digital media server).

Both interact happily when I play directly from the Onkyo device or use a mobile app as DMC (digital media controller), e.g. BubbleUPnP.

Now, HomeAssistant integrates the Onky device:

# Onkyo
  - platform: onkyo
    host: !secret onkyo_host
    name: Verstärker
  - platform: dlna_dmr
    name: Musik

However, I don’t understand how I can control the playing, select media, etc… Home Assistant doesn’t seem to act as a digital media controller for DLNA? Or I just can’t find it.

Can someone please enlighten me?


At this point I am not aware of any way of using HA as a control point… unfortunately.
That would be an absolute killer!
In the same boat as you, so if anyone has a solution for this, please share!