DND/Focus Trigger: WearOS > Android > iPhone?

With my Samsung WearOS watch, using a third-party sideload, I am able to use the watch to turn DND on/off on the Pixel 8 Pro with the watch, saving me having to also set it on the phone. I also have an iPhone 15 running 17.2. Is there a way, through HA, for the Android phone’s DND state to set the iPhone’s DND state?

I read about shortcuts, but also read that it requires user interaction, which defeats the purpose. Nirvana is that I make one tap on my watch, both phones go to DND. Another tap, both phones go back to their previous state. I’ve yet to come across a thread that says this is directly possible, but thought I would get an update to see if anyone has come up with a new way to do this. Thanks!