DNS does not resolve during updates

There are a bunch of different DNS related posts but I don’t see one specific to my issue. When I try to update certain add-ons or HA itself, it fails because it cannot resolve the location of the updates. It turns out the the DNS server listed in /etc/resolv.conf for the main OS has to be modified to include a non HA DNS server. It defaults to “nameserver” so I add “nameserver” to the file and it works (until it is overwritten during the update). I am running AdGuard on the same machine along with all of the HA containers.

  1. Why is the server in HA not resolving DNS?
  2. Is it possible to specify a different DNS server for the OS or at least keep it from getting overwritten after each update?

Hi Chris
Did you get this resolved
I running Dnsmasq and have the same problem.