Docker compose up -d -> no configuration file provided: not found

I started this weekend to do my first baby steps in Home Assistant.
I prefer docker compose so I followed the RTFM to the letter which resulted in the error “no configuration file provided: not found”.

Because it was a fresh install of Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS on a old NUC I was thinking I did not install docker correctly but the pull worked and “hello world” too.

I found the solution in the line “Create a compose.yml file:”. For the newbies, dummies and other people (put me in either in of the three category or all) who do RTFM we might want to change this line into “Create a docker-compose.yml file:”.

Likely users can contributed to this documentation but as told I am still a novice.

This might be a recent change in docker; installed docker version: 23.0.0; my experience with docker is also pretty recent (openhabian, frontail, deconz, influxdb, grafana, LMS, pihole)

If you scroll to the bottom of that page you can submit feedback or edits.

It’s not a new change though, you’ve always had to run the command in the folder with the file, or explicitly point it to the file.

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@Tinkerer your right, no need to change the documentation; was able to trace back my error to a stupid typo because I named this file docker.yml and not compose.yml.

Feel free to delete this topic to avoid further confusion.

Btw: Upon my PR to “fix” the documentation I was redirected to the specs of docker compose where compose.yml actually is the default, while docker-compose.yml being a legacy fallback.

See Compose specification | Docker Documentation

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