Docker recorder backup restore null entries nulls

Doing the migration to truenas from dockercompose.
As a recorder I’m using Postgres:

there is no useful log from recorder. looks like it does all good. but having no proper
updates of event data. it simply fills NULL.

I have tried different setup. but its hard to say when exactly it failed and if it works by default on truenas latest app. at UI:

I suspect there is something in .storage . but have no clue what might prevent to write data to recorder. LTSS works fine. (thre is no error from *component.recorder log, even in debug)

to wrap up. it is backup of docker compose that did work on machine to machine 4 month ago. and not anymore to truenas. (at truenas setup: both, standard&TrueCahrs image and docker image)

Postgre is same docker. Ive also upgraded hacs components and hass version to be the same (Home Assistant 2023.4.6
Frontend 20230411.1 - latest).

nice situation. Whole trick is the host time. looks like the motherboard should go to on a well-earned pension. Will try ask aroud at truenas forum.