Dockerhub raspberrypi3-homeassistant:latest includes betas?

Not sure if it is intentional but why is the tag ‘latest’ in the rpi3 repo of homeassistant linked to betas as well?
As this is not the case for the normal repo I wouldn’t expect this behaviour for the rpi3 repo.


I agree. Using betas should be the active choice not the default one.

I have the same problem…, please fix it

I just spent several hours debugging my Home Assistant running in Docker on my Raspberry Pi, as I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t connect to it. Seems like it was also due to me getting a beta version when using the “:latest” tag. Could someone in charge of the Raspberry Pi docker image please explain why we have to endure betas, or manually update the version tag each time we want updates?

very annoying indeed, right now I limit myself to only update docker images when I know a new release of HA is available (even though I run more docker images). I hope someone can tag a developer who can assist in ‘fixing’ this.

very bad situation, please fix somebody who is responsible, or provide me with possibility to do push request to code… i am always receiving beta releases and it is not stable !!!

As OP points out, this is not how the main repo is tagged, so this should be fixed.

I asked around on the discord channel and got pointed to this page:

seems the use of the latest tag is trivial and completely useless for our usecase which is: "easy update to latest stable version when performing a docker pull (without specifying the actual new build nr)

It seems to be working just fine for the main repo on dockerhub though so I guess they are doing something there that fits our need, but the script to create the raspberry pi 3 builds does not.