Docs - energy dashboard measurement and configuration

Hi - firstly the obvious thing to say is that the energy dashboard is some absolutely next-level stuff. But I’m a bit confused on what sort of setups make sense to feed into the dashboard.

  1. Solar panels - should solar panels be added as a “return to grid” entry or just in the solar panels section?

  2. Usage - the documentation always talks about measuring usage as what is pulled from the grid. Can it support data that is raw usage, not what is pulled from the grid.

For example, if my usage is 500 watts and my solar panels are generating 100 watts, I have those exact two data points. What I don’t have is a “grid” value of 400 watts due to where the measurement is taking place.

I’ve seen some great graphs that manage to show yellow sections of what energy used came from the solar panels, but cannot get that to work on my setup so would love to know how that works in more detail.

Many thanks