Does 2021.9 destroy HA database?

I would like to now if I am the only one to have problems with the HA database since the 2021.9 release?

I have updated HA to 2021.9.1 the 2nd of September more especially for long term statistics and power management.

The 4th of September I have lost all my historical data! This mean no more energy information, no more sensors history, no more long term statistics…

Today the 5th of September the same problem happen again. When this happen no statistical data are available (lovelace indicates no statistic found) and if I open the DB (using DB browser) indeed all the statistical tables are empty ?

I have to restart HA several times in order to retrieve the statistical information

If I look in the config directory I can see several …db.corrupt… files as well as db-shm.corrupt… files

Can this be related to 2021.9 update or is my system dying ???

As far as I remember apart from updating HA core / HA supervisor and few HACS integration I did not change anything?

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I also have this problem. Homeassistant was creating this corrupt database and kept adding data to it… my disk is now full :sweat_smile:

I have changed my SD card and my power supply and since I do not have the problem anymore!

I noticed I lost my energy use history after upgrade to 9.x earlier this week

I also see db.corrupt files

I have filled a PR but we suspect an HW problem?

In fact since I changed the power supply and the SD card the DB got corrupted 3 or 4 times.!?

I have an ESP integration (teleinfo) that read information from a grid meter that creates 31 sensors with most of them being of type measurement. This is a lot of long term statistic to store!

To try to isolate the problem I have created a VM that mainly (only) reads the energy information. I will see if I have a problem with this configuation.
More info in the PR 56138

My host is running hassos inside proxmox on a machine running other VMs with no issues