Does a motion detector need to see motion before it can report it doesn't see motion anymore?

So i have a Govee led strip. I have set it to turn on in the app, using a schedule.

Now i also have a motion lights off automation that runs after 5 minutes of not seeing anyone. This works fine for lights that are triggered, but doesn’t work to turn off something that wasn’t triggered to begin with (e…g. a schedule).

So i guess the logic here is that a motion detector needs to be triggered first before it can say "not triggered for x amount of time).

Is that correct?

If so i guess that means one extra step in the govee app to turn the lights off again (i wish the govee integration would support scenes so i didn’t have to do this)

Could you explain more what the second question means please. Sharing the YAML of the automation will help us help you, though do use code markup.

I’d also recommend not putting two unrelated questions in a single topic, it just adds confusion.

Good points. I will split them up and keep this for the second question.

see revised question.