Does espresense require good wifi?

The wifi in my home is pretty bad so what recommendations do you have if I want to put some esp32 with espresense for room detection. Thanks

Power Over Ethernet (POE)

The problem is that in general the internet in all the area is not the best

dont put the wifi behind the TV

move it to the Middle of the house have about table height

If you use POE you will be connecting via your home wired network, not over the internet. Of course it relies on having a wired network in every room. Time to upgrade to wifi mesh?

Also I was getting well over 2000 MQTT messages per minute. I started using filtering and the number dropped substantially. I’m monitoring iPhones so I put “irk:xxxxx” ids into the field. I also use separate MQTT userids for each espresense device - using the same one for all can cause disconnection.

“If you use POE you will be connecting via your home wired network, not over the internet WiFi.”

But, I agree with @michaelblight that a mesh router is in your future. I recently upgraded my FIOS router and it came with a mesh satellite. I am very pleased with the improved signal strength in the upstairs rooms. (The router is downstairs and the extender is upstairs).

Best yet, you can start with one router and one extender. If you still have weak spots, you can easily add a second extender.

I wanted to do this but the POE ESP32 boards are a lot more expensive than wifi boards.

Build your own POE injector.

Or, why bother when you can get them on Amazon for $2 each.

Sorry I’m new to poe.devices. I bought these ESP32 boards since it was the cheapest I could find:

It doesn’t have an Ethernet connection from what I could see. Is it possible to use a poe injector for them?

No. It is not.

No. You need Ethernet to do Power Over Ethernet.
I just bought an ESP32 with Ethernet for another project, but some people have installed ESPHome on it. Here is a POE switch and splitter that would do what you want.

I just installed ESPHome on the WT32-eth01 board. Works fine. OTA over ethernet works fine. If I can find my POE injector hardware I will test that soon.

Interesting. Thank you for these links.

Actually I was a bit hasty when I suggested poe. It is convenient to get power that way, but @alexcapone was after good network, so ethernet without power satisfies that need.