Does HA work well with Google home, or is Amazon Alexa better


I recently got a google home, however it dosnt appear to interact at all with HA - unless i am missing something!

It seems there is support for the Amazon Alexa product, but just wanted to confirm in case i am missing something.

If so, i might return the google home and get the new Echo 2

Both use emulated_hue to bring HA entities into Alexa/Google. I personally like Alexa better, just given the wider variety of Alexa products and not being a huge fan of Google, but that’s just a personal opinion. You’ll find people on both sides of the camp.

I use GH with HA to announce weather, pollen forecast, drive to work duration and alert motion detection in my driveway. Fairly straight forward. Look under Projects that members share. There are tons of howtos but if you need specific, post.