Does Homeassistant Supports KNX Twisted Pair or Any Custom component

iam new to the industry, i would like to know , Is there any custom_component available for installing in HOMEASSISTANT CORE that do KNX TP to KNX IP Conversion . Iam running Homeassistant on a linux system on module without docker and iam planning to integrate a KNX transciever in the board. As of my current knowledge I think Homeassisant requires a KNX IP interface to communicate with KNX Twisted Pair. iam a beginner in to the Tech field .Any Helps are Appreciated
Thank you

Don’t know about KNX or KNX/IP, but there is an official integration available.

The integration requires a local KNX/IP interface or router. Through this, it will establish a connection between Home Assistant and your KNX bus.

I use Homegear as “middleware” to my Homematic BidCos devices, communicating via attached CC1101 board by @pmayer, maybe the same is possible with Homegears KNX module?

For the official integration we requires a IP interface But what i requires is a custom_component that can support KNX TP if i directly connected the Bus to my SYSTEM ON MODULE. Any Solutions or Any Ideas on How to implement this in SOFTWARE.

Afaik you can install knxd or calimero to get a software knx usb/serial - IP interface.
TP directly is another thing, I think knxd even supports this.
That said, I don’t think it’s worth the hassle. I’d get a (used) knx/IP interface for ~100€