Does InfluxDB make HA database smaller?

If I setup InfluxDB on other RPi and will use this HA component:

Is that mean HA database will not store so much data and be smaller in time as all data are transfered to InfluxDB?

Only if you setup the recorder on HA to ignore entries so it doesn’t log them anymore.

      - media_player

etc, something like that. Have a read of the Doc’s all about it here,

If I exclude domains (or setup 2 days to purge) in Recorder, will data of those domains be sent and available on InfluxDB?

Yes, you need to tell influx which entities to record, so again, would be something like this,

  host: !secret influx_host
       - sensor.loft_temperature
       - sensor.loft_humidity

So you just exclude from the recorder whatever domains/entities you add into influx.

All the information is in the Doc’s again,

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using influxdb has itself no impact on HA’s database.
If you want to keep HA’s DB small, make sure you purge often and that you only store what you want to keep, as per @Cee’s comments above.
Influxdb is normally used to so you can link it with Grafana for creating charts. Is this also what you’re tying to do? If not why do you want to create a 2nd DB?


Is that mean, I can setup InfluxDB and store some entitities data for e.g. a year and some other data can be stored on HA database for 7 days?

InfluxDB is not a mirror of HA db, but copy data from particular entities?

that’s exactly what influxdb is for. you only export the data you want and you can keep it forever if you want. HA will auto purge so its DB doesn’t grow out of proportions.
That’s exactly how I use influxDB, I only export the data I want to keep for longer.