Does the Aeotec Z-Stick store configuration on the stick?

Does anyone know if the Aeotec Z-Stick holds configuration on the USB device itself? If I have two different Aeotec USB controllers, can I simply move my mounted volumes in docker to a different host using a different USB Z-Stick controller? Or do I need to use the same stick? Just a question.

I am shutting down my docker container on the 1st host so it is not running and overlapping the network!

The ZWave network configuration is stored on the stick NVRam. Enhanced information about the entities represented by the stick is stored in various configuration files

If you have the stick AND your encryption keys (in your configuration files for zwavejs or ZWaveJSUI you can move the stick and should be able to access your network with it on another device or platform that recognizes it.

So no you can’t use them for high availability

Nathan is correct that the stick holds the mesh data. But this also means you can clone the sticks NVRAM to a second stick, which could act as a replacement if the first stick fails.

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Thanks @NathanCu and @HeyImAlex
So how do I clone this NVRAM to my 2nd Z-Stick? Is this documented somewhere?
Is there a way to clear the NVRAM without bringing it online? Like a reset on the Stick itself?

Thanks for the feedback!

Use either ZWave JS (it has a native backup /restore tool) or get the silicon labs simplicity studio. It can also grab the backup.

Personally I prefer running with the ZWave JsUI addon, the tools are helpful.