Does the IKEA smart hub need regular restarts?

I have an IKEA hub and some fyrtur blinds.
They seem to work fine for a while, but sometimes (after a few days, I think) they just stop responding.
After restarting the integration they area alive again.
Does anyone else have experiences like this?
How can I, through automation, restart it periodically? Is the hassio.addon_restart something to use, what’s the parameter?

I used to have some Ikea smart hubs, I restarted them with a poor to USB adapter. So I could easily restart the power through the poe switch. But you could also restart using a smart plug.

I gave up on the IKEA hub I the end and moved all the Zigbee components over to Deconz with a Conbee II adapter.

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I guess that’s the brute force way to restart. What I have done is to reload the integration from Home Assistant. That works too.
Regarding moving to Deconz: Yes, I guess that would work, and I will do it some day, but right now the blinds work (most of the time) and my wife’s happy. So I’ll leave it there for a while.

Excellent, yes my way is certainly the brute way. But it worked… :wink: Your problem seems related to the integration. In my case I lost connection to the hub altogether. It would not even be accessible on the LAN.