Does the Wyze Cam Pan/Tilt/Zoom require a web server proxy for Home Assistant?

I read somewhere that the Wyze Cam requires a web server proxy (TinyCam) to stream video to Home Assistant. Is that for an older version of this camera… or, do I still need to do that with this camera?

If this camera requires addition software, is there a comparable camera that doesn’t require extra software? I’m just looking for an affordable camera that delivers H.264-based video streaming (preferably not mjpeg) directly to a HA card. Is it easy to add PTZ buttons for this camera on a Home Assistant camera card?

PS: What’s the purpose of MotionEye?

This is something that you should look into:

And, MotionEye is a Digital Video Recorder for your camera feeds.

I think I might be missing something still. Why are people going through the trouble of flashing the Wyze cam with a custom firmware just to get RTSP …and, still need to setup resource-consuming MotionEye when they can just get something like a TP-Link Tapo Smart Cam Pan which streams RTSP natively/directly to a Home Assistant card without anything in between?

Because some people also want to record the footage and not just display it in homeassistant?

Thanks for responding… but, I’m actually curious if the Wyze Cam requires something like MotionEye to display the RTSP stream in Home Assistant. Or, is that optional?

I think some folks have tried a direct connection but I’m not sure if they’ve had success.

Thank you again. I appreciate your reply.

I believe the Wyze cam stock firmware does not support RTSP (they have a beta that does, and most people just flash it with the Xiaomi Dafang Hacks to get RTSP).

Once you have an RTSP stream from the camera, you can add it directly to HA

Alternatively, people use the stock firmware and add it to MotionEye - then from MotionEye you can feed an RTSP stream to HA.

To my (limited) knowledge, you cannot add a stock WyzeCam to HA at this time. (but I could be wrong about that - things always change).

Does that clear it up?

Thank you now. It makes sense!

You can’t use the stock firmware and MotionEye, you’d need RTSP. I still use the “beta” official RTSP because I still want app control given how shitty RTSP is even on the dafang-hacks firmware

You are correct about not being able to add a stock camera.