Does the Zigbee Sonoff Mini R2 support retractive light switches?

I’m adding a retractive switch (ordered) and a smart relay (Sonoff Mini R2 Zigbee) to my Home Assistant setup but the Amazon listing shows no support for ‘momentary rocker’ light switches.

This is what I have

However when Googling the support for momentary/retractive switches I came across the following video: which states that the Sonoff Mini now has 3 modes including “Pulse” which is used for retractive switches.

There doesn’t seem to be a firmware update. So I can only assume it’s a new product version. I can also only find the wifi version mentioned with this feature.

Some product listings show “(Upgraded)” in the title which may indicate it’s the newer version?
Does anyone have any insight? Does the Shelley relay support this feature? I have no experience with that brand.

I’m also on the same boat. Just bought Livolo impulse touch switch and planning to use it with Sonoff Zigbee relay.
I also have SALUS SR600 which has different trigger modes for S1/S2, but comes at a steep price.