Does updating ESPHome devices use the yaml code?

When you use the “update” feature to update an ESP device, does the yaml code also get recompiled? I had my openwrt router assign different IP addresses to devices, when a recent dhcp on the router gave some devices different IP addresses, even though they were setup to have fixed addresses in the router dhcp. To prevent that in the future, I’d like to add the fixed_ip to the yaml, but will wait to do that if it is taken care of with an update to the devices. Otherwise, I’ll do an install and update separately, but I’d like to only do it once, if possible.

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Pretty positive it recompiles everything on an update/version change.

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There is no other way to get a new firmware except compiling it.

I thought that there might be some sort of partitioning internally, so that the bootloader and the firmware partition got changed. I have enough knowledge to break things, but need help when trying to unbreak them!

Actually I read from another use yesterday that he believed some parts of the esp code are static, ie that the ota code remains when you flash new firmware. I dunno if he was right.

Easiest way to test this is to update ESPhome on one device & check if the IP gets updated.

Personally, I doubt it will, but you’ll never know until you try.