Dohome custom componets error after update to core 2021.6

I copied all file in custom_components to my config/custom_conponents and add dohome: in config file

after that i use check config and it shows this error, Component error: dohome - Integration ‘dohome’ not found.
I update Hass to 2021.6.3

The developer of the custom component needs to update the manifest file:

You can add the version key to the manifest file yourself but there are a lot of other issues. And it appears to be abandoned (no updates for 7 months).

Also assuming you fix the version issue above you have to restart HA without having the component configured first. Then after restart add the config back and restart again.

I updated manifest but still error
“name”: “dohome”,
“requirements”: [],
“version”: “2.0.0”

That’s why I said:

What do I have to do now

Fork the repository and fix all the issues yourself, or hope that someone else does.

I don’t know how to fix it, I have to wait :frowning:

If it’s abandoned as it seems to be that might be a long wait. Maybe see if there is an alternative (I’m unfamiliar with this component)

thanks bro

Good news! :slight_smile:


Good news! :slight_smile:

Updated and works correctly again! :slight_smile:

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Hello, are your devices still working on HA? mine don’t appear on the entities, apparently they’re being discovered but just not showing… did you do anything else after adding the custom component?