Dometic Fridge Monitoring

Hi, I have what I thought to be a hugely popular camping / RV etc fridge from Dometic, a CFX3. This fridge has both Bluetooth and WiFi monitoring from the CFX3 app.

I was surprised to find no information at all scanning through the integrations, HACS or just google. I was half expecting it to pop up in the discovered integrations when I brought in range of a Bluetooth proxy … but alas can’t find anything about this fridge in the home assistant world.

So, I guess my question is… am I doing it wrong? Have I overlooked something obvious? Or are people just not using these fridges?


I think this is not used in a home environment enought to include it in hass or create a custom integration for it.

I’ve looked into any partner companies, but even those companies don’t show up in the integrations.

I have 2 CFX3 units myself and use them 24/7 at home except when I go camping or something. It really would be nice to be able to monitor them.


I’m Interested as well

We have one of these CFX3 freezers as well. I might try to reverse engineer the protocol to see if i can cobble something together.

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I have 2 CFX3’s, and 2 CFX1’s. I’d be very interested in monitoring all 4 in a single dashboard. Connecting my phone to the app (CFX1 or CFX3) stops the phone from having internet access and only allows connection to one fridge at a time, what a pain!

Yes, I m interested as well, to get my cfx overwatched from ha.

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