Door Lock, Firmware Update Failed: Error Invalid Firmware Target

New setup here. Everything is working except for my door lock. I added it and the interview completes. The device and entities show up and commands work as expected.

Then a new firmware update appeared for version 1.5…


I tried installing, but it failed…


I have restarted Home Assistant as well as rebooted the Home Assistant OS.

The door lock is an ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Z-Wave. When checking the firmware through their app, it says it’s up-to-date…

This was discussed for another device on the Discord here but for another device.

The Ultraloq lock shows up on the Z-Wave JS config as well.

I have done a re-interview, have healed it, have excluded/included. Same thing.

Have of course restarted, rebooted, shut down / started. No other issues with HA.

Any ideas? Thanks so much for your time!

I have two Ultraloq U-Bolt Z-Wave devices and I am in a similar situation. I was really hoping this firmware update fixed the issues with the door status sensor.

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Here are the logs for this issue, I removed the Sending firmware target fragment message lines

I was actually able to get it working after I excluded and included again. I had to choose the middle radio button, not the secure one but not the insecure. I added hub using the Ultraloq app, then added it on z-wave. Did it two or three times and got it added and responsive, however, the firmware issue still remains so I’m still having a problem.

You say you were able to get it working but that the firmware issue still remains? So were you able to upgrade the firmware or not?

I was able to get the switch itself working, but the firmware will not update, keeps giving me the same invalid firmware target message. So I’m stuck with the same firmware.

What controller and firmware are you using? I’m on 7.19.3 on Zooz 700. Somebody claims to have got it working 2023/8/14 Update: Door status of Z-Wave products - Ultraloq Smart Lock - U-tec Community, so I dunno.

Nice find, I didn’t see that.

I’m using a HUSBZB-1.

I replied to that thread asking the product team if the update for Android is coming out soon. If so, I can just update through that and forget this. Haha.

I contacted U-Tec support about this issue. Will follow up here later when I hear back.

I also contacted support. I think there may be an issue with upgrading older devices or something. I hard reset the device, included it on a dedicated network with two different ZWave controllers, paired with both S0 and S2 and used the SILabs PC Controller and it would not take the firmware, failing with the same invalid target error every time. The existing ZWave firmware is 1.01 and hardware version 1. These were purchased over a year ago so maybe this firmware doesn’t work with them.

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Thanks for the info! Same exact problem it sounds like.

After this last Z-Wave JS and HA update, I now get this error:

Failed to call service update/install

Do you get that one as well after updating everything else?


When do you get that error? I have not seen it, of course I have not bothered to attempt updating through ZWave JS. The reason being I last attempted multiple controllers with Silicon Labs PC Controller software with both S2 and S0 and they all failed the same way, leading me to believe that this problem has to be a bug with the device itself. I’m thinking they sent out units that are locked out of upgrades. I don’t know when the ZWave model was released. For what its worth mine was purchased around Mar 2022.

I have been moving slowly on the support issue. Initially my support request didn’t go through because of a bug on their website. So a week or so later I filed again. They did get back to me with some questions but I didn’t reply until two days ago. I am awaiting follow-up.

Well now I’m not getting that error but it fails to install still.

I contacted support as well. They had me move the lock to within 1 food of the USB controller, no change after doing that. Firmware using the app says it’s updated, but support says this is “different” firmware only applicable for HA… which I don’t understand… if I’m using the latest firmware of the Ultraloq device through the app, but HA has a “different” firmware for the Ultraloq, what exactly is this update doing? How can the same device have different firmware depending on the type of Z-Wave controller? Doesn’t make sense to me.

Finally support said to just factory reset the device to see if that works. I have not done this yet but I plan to.

I purchased my lock in January 2022. So perhaps there is some bug with units sent from the dates surrounding that. Z-Wave JS, HA, all updated. No other issues.

Our suspicions seem to be correct. After I carefully detailed that absolutely no setup would allow successful firmware upgrade they sent me a replacement lock body. It came with old firmware (1.1.3) and it took the 1.5.3 update with no problem on the first try. So there does seem to be something wrong with devices in the the early 2022 time frame.