Doorbell button only - no camera, no wires, just HA event

My new (to me) home has no wire to the door, no doorbell. One day that may change, but brick facade and too many other things now…

I want a button to put there, which I can sense in Home assistant. Z-Wave, wifi (probably not, battery), BLE… I’d even get zigbee going if needed.

Just a button, not the paired kits with speakers.

I have a Shelly BLU button, very cool, but should have checked the size, they are TINY, and not really suitable to mount outside.

I’ve found lots of discussion about putting a regular bell switch connected to a switch input, but I have no box, no good place to hide such.

I plan to put in lots of cameras and POE eventually, so not really interested in a battery powered doorbell camera. I don’t want a light switch paddle, or even a casetta Pico (imagine the stranger trying to figure out which button to hit).

Just a plain old doorbell switch with z-wave would be great. Apparently a lot of people want them (lots of postings) but no one seems to be finding them. So trying again fresh…


I would make one using an Ecolink DWZWAVE25 that has internal wire terminals to hook up an external switch. House that in a dustproof project box and wire it to a standard doorbell push-button momentary switch mounted into the cover of the box. Those run off of a CR123A battery that can last for years.

I’m using a shelly button 1 as my doorbell button for my unit currently as its the easiest solution until I decided to find and drill in a dedicated POE based button setup. Its currently mounted to the wall facing using velcro tape so that I can charge it when I need to.

I use the mqtt action on press for it to send a notification to my phone with a snapshot from my camera mounted above my door.


Does the job and in view of the main camera should it get taken so I can just delete it and get a replacement.

At one time I had no doorbell and just used motion detection to ring a smart bell I had in home+’send notifications to phones. Work perfectly with 0 false alarm. The camera only covered the small patio space around door so no possibility of External trigger. Also would catch porch pirates who wouldn’t ring bell for obvious reasons

I know use camera and frigate. Camera points at busy street. Still almost 0 false alarms and good catch of the guy stealing our mail.

Put a fake button and use a camera and don’t worry about dealing with brick. Also it is nice if they can hear the bell ring if you add audible
Bell. This will scare the pirates and notify guests someone is aware of their presence and will be there shortly.

That’s an interesting idea, as it addresses the reason i was not going to use a motion detector – confusion, people won’t see a button so they get confused or just bang on the door. Though if they don’t hear anything when they hit the button… ?

I considered that, I have a Ecolink window/door that has that which I’m not really using. It just seems pretty big once both are combined. But I might end up with that.

I did just find two wires embedded in some mortar between bricks, so they had a bell once, but cut it off. No idea if I could find the other end of that, but it’s not enough to tap into if it won’t pull out (and it won’t).

I recently fixed a similar situation by drilling out some of the mortar and soldering on 2 new wires to extend them, covered with shrink wrap to insulate them. I used a wire tracer to locate the other end of the wires, which are usually in a central hallway where the original doorbell chime was located. The other end of the circuit (transformer location) is usually next to the electrical breaker box or in a utility closet. If you can extend the wires and locate the other end you could place the Ecolink inside and just install a flush-mount standard doorbell button.

Just a thought, how about soldering a standard doorbell button to an Aqara door sensor or the like? You’d still need to put it somewhere, maybe the electronics will fit inside a bigger doorbell button?

Aqara wireless mini switch T1 are nice, decent size, but I think designed for indoor use. I think if it isn’t in direct rain it will last a long time. ZHA does not support them officially jet, but they do with a custom quirk. I just bought one.

try to google “wireless doorbell no battery” or something like
notice for clear understanding: it’s piezo doorbell push button. simply pressing the button generates the energy for powering button and pass signal to doorbell base.

Difficult way: sniff 433MHZ from doorbell and handle it on the HASS side
Middle way: open doorbell base (receiver) put inside esp32 and solder A0 pin to doorbell speaker or doorbell lights
than you will have a button inside HASS.


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sorry. wrong reply.


I have used one of these with OpenMQTTGateway. Solar powered. Never even plugged in the receiver that came with it. Very powerful 433mhz signal compared to any other 433 device I have. Will pick it up through several brick walls. An option if your door bell can face the sun at some time of the day. Running 2 years so far and cell inside hasn’t let me down. Also comes in Black. A little light comes on round the button when you press it so you know it’s working.

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I’ve been using two Aqara mini switch WXKG11LM for my outdoors doorbell for two years with out issue.

I have a 3d printer and found a enclosure on thingiverse and edited it some

Just trowing it out there for some ideas.

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the button is only one part. If the button is pressed and there is no audible/visual response people thing it didnt work and try again or eventually bang on door. Midwest US has many old homes this was always an issue, push the button and nothing happens. It is so common that doorbells didnt work on the old home that it was basically always assume broken unless you heard or could see confirmation.

For this reason I always recommend a bell/siren device that can be heard outside by visitor.

Absolutely agree with this.

My solution was to use a few esp8266 Running this binary GitHub - schmurtzm/MrDiy-Audio-Notifier: MrDiy Audio Notifier (based on esp8266audio) ported to platformio for ESP32. Both inside near the doors. also found a nice case to put them in. I cant find the link for that case. Sorry

If you want to melt the heads of people coming to your door put your wireless door bell on a chain with no obvious wires.


This is what I use:

It’s Zwave and it even has extra buttons that you can get (up to 3 max) to operate it from different locations.

Apparently the extra buttons are currently unavailable on Amazon where I bought them originally but you could contact Aeotech directly to see if you can get them.