Doorbird doesn't show up in Home Assistant

On Macbook OS Catalina
Home Assistant installed no problems
All automatic integrations work without problems (sonos, shutters, Chromecast…)
Now I have a doorbird doorbell, and want to integrate it in Home Assistant.
I’ve inserted the correct data in configuration.yaml (well at least i think so)
Nothing happens! The doorbird doesn’t appear, but also no errors in log…
I’ve done all settings as requested for the doorbird user and device (authorizations etc…) all seems correct.
I’ve tried everything, nothing helped.
Anyone has an Idea? What am I doing wrong?
I just enter the text below in the file with terminal, and than close it. Restart Home Assistant, and the doorbird should appear right? NOT!
Please help!!

    - host:
      username: doorbird_username
      password: doorbird_password
      token: doorbird_token
      name: Front Door
      hass_url_override: IP_address_of_my_macbook
        - doorbell

  - platform: doorbird