DuckDNS & EdgeRouter X - Issue

Hi everyone,

My problem is, i couldn’t get ducndns to work on my edge router with just port-forwarding so i followed instructions on the DuckDNS website and set DDNS on my edgerouter.

Now i face the issue where i have to manually ForceUpdate ddns on edgerouter in order to get access to hassio. It works for couple of minutes and then it dies again.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,


I have extensive experience in networking and also the EdgeRouter and I’d surely like to help you out.
I think this would need a closer look and won’t be handy to discuss on the forums. I think a chat session would be most convenient… Maybe add me on FB (my full name is on my profile info) and send me a message?

We’ll post back a summary here when solved.


I’m facing a similar problem. Everything was fine until I added an edgerouter X, put my isp fibre modem/router into bridge mode and now I cannot resurrect my ssl access to HA.

Did you end up solving this?

My problem was that my router was behind NATed router. Not sure that it has anything to do with your problem. :frowning:

can i ask the some?

Did you end up solving the problem? Can you now access home assistant with a duckdns URL on the edgerouter? Do you mind sharing your config on the edgerouter? Thanks.

I’m facing similar issues, let me know if you can help out. Many thanks.