Duckdns with static ip: site unreachable

Hello all,

I cannot access my duckdns domain (“site unreachable”) and after hours of searching I can’t find the problem:

My HA server has a static public ip, however to setup HTTPS connection (and to easily remember the name), I’m using DuckDNS + Let’s Encrypt.
DuckDNS seems to point to the correct IP as a DNS search return my static IP.

I can access my HA instance from outside my network using https://<static_ip>:8123, however it is saying that the certificate isn’t valid as it has been issued for my “” domain.
If I try to access my HA instance using “http(s)://” nothing is working, just getting an error that the site is unreachable.

My duckdns config:

aliases: []
  accept_terms: true
  algo: secp384r1
  certfile: fullchain.pem
  keyfile: privkey.pem
seconds: 300
token: xxxxxxxxxxxx

All duckdns logbook entries seem perfectly normal, compared to other HA instances with dynamic public IP.

Any idea?