Duet3D custom integration

Hi everyone,

I’m making this message because i’m currently working on a duet3d custom integration.

I have not yet taken time to put the code on github but I will in the next weeks or so.


This is the current working code, nothing fancy but I keep you updated when I have time to continue this integration.

The final goal will be to have:

  • 2 binary_sensors : printing and error
  • sensors for:
    • active/standby/current heat for bed and tools
    • print progress and times
    • file name and general infos
  • switches to pause / resume / stop print /emergency stop
  • anything else that could be interesting/usefull to have in HA
  • a custom lovelace card to show all the infos neatly

Don’t hesitate to comment if you have further ideas


Hi There, I’m back to it a little bit.

So the code is now on github (it’s still not finished but you can get it) I will see for an integration with HACS.

Every comment is welcome and don’t hesitate to open issues on the github :wink:

Link to the github: https://github.com/irgusite/hass-Duet3D/tree/master


This is very nice. I built a Hypercube printer with a Duet wifi board a couple of years ago. If I ever have a reason to setup a second printer again, I will be looking for your component. Thanks! :slight_smile: