Dumb/basic thermostat recommendation that works with HA (locally)?

I’m looking for a dumb/basic thermostat – no smart features – that work with HA. I have Z-Wave and Zigbee.

Are there any good ones worth getting or any bad ones I should stay away from?

??? Doesn’t it need to be smart to work with HA?

Honeywell T6 Pro zwave version
I got this recently. Replaced Trane XR524.

I like both but believe method used by Honeywell model to maintain temp provides more comfort.

The dumbest (but I guess you want a bit more) is a relay (ESPhome) that switches based on HA readings/logic.

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I’m using a MCO Home MCOEMH7H-WH2 Z-wave thermostat. It seems pretty good.

As @vingerha says, HA and a simple relay would do it.

But don’t discount the value of a “smart” thermostat. For one thing, as @tmjpugh says, the logic in the thermostat may be more advanced than a simple “on at one temperature, off at another.” Duplicating that logic in HA would be a challenge. My thermostats keep the rooms at exactly the set temperature, no swings between set points.

There’s also the reliability of having everything reside in one off-the-shelf component (the thermostat.) No breaking changes, no tinkering. A smart thermostat will keep on doing its thing even if HA, the network or other components fail.

Best of all, you can still control it from HA when everything is working correctly.