Duplicate hue lights

Hey all,

I’m pretty new to home assistant and have just got it connected and added to HomeKit (so far so good). During setup I allowed home assistant to access my Hue Lights hub and now my HomeKit UI has two of every light in my house (ie the one via the traditional hue hub HomeKit and the one via Home Assistant hub).

How do I avoid this but still allow Home Assistant access to Hue? Do I have to remove the Hue Hub from my HomeKit home?

Or is there a way to not broadcast Home Assistant lights to my Apple Smart Home?

Sorry if I have made a rookie error here :slight_smile:

Use filters to only expose what you want from HA


Ah that is what I was looking for. How do I exclude all the lights? Is that a domain?

Yes exclude the light domain if you don’t wanna any lights from HA and if you decide there is one or two you do want from Ha then INCLUDE just those specific entities like it shows in the docs

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Thanks that did it perfectly!

Having the same problem – could you be more specific? I have a Hue Bridge and now also having all my Hue Bulbs doubled in iOS Homekit.

Coud you maybe be more specific?

I tried to add this at the end of my configuration.yaml:

- filter:
      - light

and then tried it the other way around (without the exclude_domain)

- filter:
      - switch.on_off_plug_in_unit_2
      - switch.on_off_plug_in_unit_3
      - switch.on_off_plug_in_unit_4
      - switch.on_off_plug_in_unit_5
      - switch.on_off_plug_in_unit_6
      - switch.on_off_plug_in_unit_7

I don’t see how to exclude the domain “light” would tell HASS to exclude only my Hue Bulbs (I have a Hue Bridge and a Conbee II in the RPI and the OSRAM Plugs are paired with Phoscon/deCONZ).

Since I want to use my Hue Bridge further it would be nice to get rid of the duplicates that HASS is handing over to my devices.

Now I am stuck in configuration-file-hell just like with OpenHAB :smiley: At least it’s not json – that’s a big plus!

Thankful for any tips!

SOLVED: Okay it seems to work – I had to delete the Integration “HomeKit” and delete it from iOS device and readd it.

Glad you sorted that - to be honest my problem was simpler as I only had Hue in the lights domain anyway :slight_smile:

I have a slightly related topic. I’m aware of how I could end up with duplicates in HomeKit after using HomeKit Bridge - one set of Hue lights come in from the Hue Bridge / then the duplicate set of Hue lights comes in via HomeKit Bridge.

But I tried creating a whole new HomeKit Home from scratch. It is NOT connected to a Hue Bridge at all. There are no Hue lights in the Home. Then I ran HomeKit Bridge from Home Assistant, and set it just to lights. I figured it would bring in all my lights that Home Assistant sees. And it did. I have all kinds of lights from all kinds of manufactuers. And yet I still ended up with duplicate Hue lights. Thoughts? It’s very difficult to search on this topic bc of the Duplicate Hue Light issue stemming from the other way one can get duplicate Hue lights.

P.S. Only one set of the Hue lights works in HomeKit. I’ll show you screenshots of the two lights - that may help to better understand how they are finding their way into my HomeKit home. I’ve marked them by which one works and which one doesn’t.

I figured it out. “node-server” clued me in.


I have an EISY and that has a Hue “integration” in it (they don’t call it that). So I am getting Hue, straight from Hue. Then I am getting duplicate Hue’s from the EISY.