Duplicate Nest because of wink (?)

I have two nests showing up in my interface, and one of them isn’t always fully up to date, either.
I suspect this is because I have the nest component but also the nest connected to my wink.

Is there some way I can “filter” the nest on the wink out of being added?


Not really; the choices are to either hide them from groups but still see them in the dev states panel or remove them from Wink and just run native from the app and HA.

I have the same issue with my ecobee and Hue Lights. I find I rarely control either with the Wink app and have considered removing them from my Wink account but I’m trying to make sure I won’t lose anything in convenience for the sake of not seeing the dupes in HA.

Thanks for the response. How would I go about hiding the wink thermo then?

I only see the native ecobee because I only included the native ecobee in my views. With the Hue Lights, I hid them in the customize section.

But it got me thinking and I have a PM to the developer for the Wink support in HA and I am awaiting his response.

Hi rpitera, I was wondering if you ever got a reply (I recognize this thread is over a year old). I too have duplicate Nest Thermostat and HUE Lights because of them shoing up via wink as well as the native interfaces. My preferences is to supress these from loading in to HA from wink. As a preivous user of HomeBridge (https://github.com/nfarina/homebridge) this was possible. Not sure if there is something I can do to “exclude” certain items on HA.