Duplicate z-wave/mqtt devices

After a lot of zha vs zigbee2mqtt (and zwave equivalent), went with mqtt. Newbie here. The zigbee side installed easily and no issues at all. Z-wave side however…devices are duplicated, with one showing z-wave and one showing mqtt as source.

Context: Have “Mosquitto broker” installed, Zigbee2MQTT, and Z-Wave JS UI

For the Z-Wave JS UI, it is configured with “Z-Wave JS server Port 3000” in add-on.
In the Web UI > Settings, I think this is where I am getting confused. Instructions I have seen say to disable the MQTT gateway. But is that the option “Disable MQTT Gateway” and to enable that option? Or is that to disable the “Disable MQTT Gateway”? (dbl-negative there). What are the appropriate settings to use MQTT and Z-Wave? Or should I give up on mqtt and go back to pure native zwave/zigbee?