Durability of Xiaomi Gateway 3?

Has anyone experienced durability issues with Xiaomi’s Gateway 3? I had two in use, one running stock Mi Home, the other working as coordinator for my ZHA network, both modded with AlexxIT’s excellent custom integration to work with Home Assistant.

Both devices have now failed within weeks of each other, with the Xiaomi Home app unable to connect to the hardware, so I guess it’s not just an issue with Home Assistant.

It just strikes me as odd and if it’s a known issue with the hardware, I might have to look elsewhere to re-connect my Zigbee devices.

Buy a Sonoff Zigbee USB stick and never look back. Using the Xiaomi Gateway isn’t generally required, unless you have some devices that explictly require it.

I have a lot of Aqara Zigbee and BLE devices, so I like the convenience of Mi Home for that. I was in the process of moving my ZHA devices to Z2M with a CC2652 when the ZHA gateway went bust
Still, it would be nice to be able to revive at least one Xiaomi Gateway.