Dutch Gas Prices sensors not working

Dear Reader,

I have some problems with the Dutch Gas Prices addon in HA.
Almost daily my sensors stop working and give a “restored” status.

I tried rebooting HA, disabling MQTT and re-enable it reload the addon but nothing seems to work.
Hope anyone can help me out with this one, as I really can’t seem to find the problem why the sensors keep going into a restored status.

The only way I can help you is by telling, that I do not have this problem. It works fine here… :wink:

Maybe there was an integer overflow? :laughing:

Well I just found out that my entire Home Assistant installation is having issues.
So i’m gonna reinstall it and hope the problem will be fixed afterwards.


Do you use an automation for it to publish the data to the MQTT?
Because I just figured out that the problem is my automation that is not working like it should.

Can you maybe show me your config for the automation if you use one?

alias: Update gas stations
  - platform: time_pattern
    minutes: '5'
  - platform: homeassistant
    event: start
  - service: mqtt.publish
      topic: dgp/gas_stations
      payload_template: >-
        state_attr("person.mischa", "latitude") }},"longitude":{{
        state_attr("person.mischa", "longitude")
        }},"friendly_name_template":"[brand] ([station_street])",
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Just to let everyone know, I fixed the issue.
I’ve dived a little deeper into the issue and found out that I made the automation in the wrong place. I made it at the Automation page for the UI but I found an article at the Github that said to place the code into the automation.yaml and this worked great.

The Prices get loaded every single time after a reboot now.
So NO more issues :smiley:

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Fantastic, that it works now. But strange too. I made the automation in the UI and it works too :stuck_out_tongue: