Dwains Dashboard - 1 CLICK install Lovelace Dashboard for desktop, tablet and mobile. v2.0.0


Dwains Lovelace Dashboard

Hello, I am Dwain. I’m using Home Assistant for over 2 years now. At the end of the summer 2019 I thought why does nobody has made a dashboard which builds automatic by a configuration file. I have a own web development company so I thought why not make a own theme and release it to the public. The result: Dwains Lovelace Dashboard.

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Update time!!!

:tada: V2.0.0 - Dwains Dashboard now 1 click install and complete refactored!

NOTE: It may contain some bugs. Please open a Issue on Github when you find something!

v2.0.0 is only compatible with HA 0.117 and newer

Note: Dwains Theme has been renamed to Dwains Dashboard!

How to update to 2.0:

You can only update to 2.0 if you have 1.4 installed.

The update process is a little bit complicated but I tried to make it as easy as possible. I made splitted the upgrade guide into 5 sections. If you experience any issues during the installation of 2.0 you can get live personal assistant from me, Dwains Dashboard Discord Server

Hint: With /config/ I mean the folder where your whole HA config is.

Section 1 - Remove existing Dwains Theme 1.*

To update to Dwains Dashboard 2.0.0 you first need to remove your 1. version of Dwains Theme follow all steps below (Don’t worry we will keep your existing Dwains Theme config and addons, these will automatic work in 2.0.0), after that we need to modify your config files and your addons.*

  1. Make a backup of your current HA setup.
  2. Go to your /config/ folder and rename the folder dwains-theme to dwains-dashboard.
  3. Go to your /config/ folder and remove the file dwains-theme-lovelace-yaml.
  4. If you use any custom resources then backup the file /config/dwains-dashboard/resources/custom_resources.yaml somewhere safe. You need to add these back after installing 2.0.
  5. Go inside the folder /config/dwains-dashboard and remove the following folders: plugins, resources, translations, views. Make sure you keep the folders ‘configs’ and the folder ‘addons’!.
  6. Go to the folder /config/themes and remove the files dwains-theme-black.yaml, dwains-theme-dark.yaml, dwains-theme-light.yaml and dwains-theme-white.yaml.
  7. Go to the folder /config/www and remove the folder dwains-theme.
  8. Go to the folder /config/packages and remove the folder dwains-theme.
  9. Go to the folder /config/custom_components and remove the folder dwains-theme.

Section 2- Some small changes to your existing Dwains Theme config files

The files scenes.yaml and cameras.yaml in your dwains dashboard configs needs to be changed. If you use them go to /config/dwains-dashboard/configs and open them.

  1. The file cameras.yaml needs to be changed like explained in this screenshot.
  2. The file scenes.yaml needs to be changed like explained in this screenshot.

Section 3 - Adjust your addons

If you have any addons installed follow this step, otherwise skip this step!

Open up the folder /config/dwains-dashboard/configs and check, we need to make some adjustments to these files.

  1. If you use addons the name of the folder dwains-theme has changed to dwains-dashboard so for check all your config files. For example rename path: 'dwains-theme/addons/rooms/hello-room/page.yaml' to path: 'dwains-dashboard/addons/rooms/hello-room/page.yaml'
  2. Some addons use an include to heading.yaml, this file is deprecated.
    Change the code as explained in this screenshot.
  3. The following variables have been renamed, so if you use them, please rename them.
    _d_t_config to _dd_config, _d_t_trans to _dd_trans, _d_t_icons to _dd_icons and _d_t_global to _dd_global

In 2.0 there isn’t a custom_resources.yaml file anymore for any custom/third party cards. You will need to add them back by hand after installing 2.0. Go to HA Configuration -> Lovelace Dashboards and click in the top on Resources. Here you can click on the “+” sign bottom right and add all your custom cards you first had in dwains-theme/resources/custom_resources.yaml.

Section 4 - Dynamic_page.yaml is deprecated

If you use the dynamic_page.yaml in your current installation I have some good and bad news. The bad news is that it is deprecated, the good news is I created a new function for this to put as many custom pages in the main navigation bar as you want!!
You must copy the addon: part you had in dwains-theme/configs/dynamic_page.yaml into the addon: part in dwains-dashboard/configs/more_page.yaml. Then add the key main_menu: 'true' to the addon. Then this addon will show up in your main navigation bar!
(Read more here)

Section 5 - Reboot HA

Reboot your Home Assistant. Dwains Theme 1.* should now be fully removed. Now we can install 2.0 with your existing config.

Section 6 - Install Dwains Dashboard 2.0

Install Dwains Dashboard 2.0 as explained here.

Breaking changes:

  • Dynamic_page.yaml is deprecated! You need to copy your addon to an more_page addon. Now you can add main_menu: true to an more_page addon to show it in the main navigation bar! Read more here
  • Partial heading.yaml is deprecated! Replace it with a new card called dwains-heading-card see this screenshot.
  • cameras.yaml and scenes.yaml have new structure! Please change these files to the new standard. The file cameras.yaml needs to be changed like explained in this screenshot.The file scenes.yaml needs to be changed like explained in this screenshot.
  • The following variables have been renamed, so if you use them, please rename them.
    _d_t_config to _dd_config, _d_t_trans to _dd_trans, _d_t_icons to _dd_icons and _d_t_global to _dd_global
  • If you use addons the name of the folder dwains-theme has changed to dwains-dashboard so for check all your config files. For example rename path: 'dwains-theme/addons/rooms/hello-room/page.yaml' to path: 'dwains-dashboard/addons/rooms/hello-room/page.yaml'

New Features:

  • Dwains Themes are now only applied to the Dwains Dashboard itself, this means that the colors are only used in the dashboard and not outside of it. You now can also use the default HA theme if you want to create a complete own theme. And you can also now set a own primary color (to replace the blue color) for icons etc. These settings can be found under Options in the integration Dwains Dashboard on your integrations page.
  • You can set a own name for the dashboard in the integration options.
  • You can set a own sidebar icon for the dashboard in the integration options.
  • You can hide the cameras and scenes page from the main navigation bar
  • You can add own pages to the main navigation bar, see more_page addons and the main_menu: 'true' part.
  • Vibration Sensor support for rooms @roblandry link
  • Add weather page and link to it from weather widget. @roblandry link
  • New Safety Devices @roblandry link
    You now can add specific devices to a room like for example a smoke sensor. When this sensor gets triggered you get a warning inside your main header and in the room card. See safety: in the room docs.
  • Add Tracking to Map @roblandry link
  • Correct batteries with string values. Add color gradient to batteries. @roblandry link
  • You can set if you want to see open, closer or partly_closed covers in the header (as state). Use show_covers: closed in global.yaml (defaults to open).


  • Changed the name Dwains Theme to Dwains Dashboard.
  • Completly refactored all the code of Dwains Dashboard.
  • Use webpack now to compile my own Dwains Lovelace cards, no external load of Litelement through unkpg.com. This means you can use Dwains Dashboard now fully offline from the internet without problems. It’s also a lot faster as the custom cards for my dashboard are now compiled and optimized.
  • You don’t have to change/touch any of your existing HA files/config to setup and use Dwain Dashboard. Setting up Dwains Dashboard is now all done automatic during installation.
  • The picture_path key in persons.yaml for the photo of the person is now DEPRECATED! I now load the default picture automatic which you can set yourself in HA if you go to persons.
  • You now can use Dwains Dashboard together with HKI (Homekit Infused)

Complete changelog v2.0.0

2.0.0 was a lot of work! Please consider a donation :+1:

New here with Dwains Theme?


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Looking good! nice work on the theme, will save it for later maybe i am going to use it one day. :slight_smile:

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Nice dwains

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Tried it yesterday,
Really nice and easy install.
Today iam gonna finish it and Will post the result!

I hope you get it 100% up and running then I know that it works. So I can release it to the public :slight_smile:

Amazing! Did I miss the link to download the theme? I’d love to test this out. This is game changing!

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I will release it ASAP :smiley: I will post it as first here in this topic.

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Thanks! And I’m in the noob camp so a detailed instruction write up would be most appreciated. Your setup is exactly what I’ve been searching for for months


If this is what I think it is then it should be included in HA out of the box. Great work.

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It looks great! Can’t wait to try it out.
Been using HASS for a month and I feel that my UI is ugly, this theme might change that :smiley:


I must add that my theme is focused on mobile view for now. But i’m working hard to also make it look awesome on tablet/desktop soon :slight_smile:


Looks awesome. Love the clean look. Was looking in building something that is wife friendly :grin::grin::grin:

You nailed it. Let us know when when we can test for you.


looks great!

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Ohhhh me likey. Can’t wait to try the tablet version. This makes it look so professional

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Where did you actually get it from?

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I’ve never really liked Lovelace, but this has caught my interest.


He has it because he is in our slack groups (maintained by @jimz011 and @dwains).

Joining our slack group gives you the ability to test themes like this early (as well as my own theme Homekit Infused).

But I’m not here to talk about my theme. I am here to tell you to test his theme, it is really great. It is imho one of the best themes out there right now (that contains not just the standard HA cards). I had the chance to test it myself as well and it works pretty great.

And most of all, join our slack group, because it is really awesome! Find the links on each of our repos and remember, respect is everything!

Keep posting in here so that people get notified about this theme!


Ziet er knap uit, ik kijk uit naar de release!