Dwains Theme - An auto generating Lovelace UI theme v1.1.5

@mwbehr You don’t need to install an FontAwesome integration to use the FA icons. This is all already build in into my theme. fa:key is an incorrect string, its needs to be fas:.. or far:... Again I must ask, did you both read the documentation?! Everything is documented, even small things like this. How to choose and use an icon

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It can be a JPG or PNG image, there is no required size, but I recomend to use a square image with at least 80x80 pixels. Show me your path to the image. The image needs to be placed somewhere in your www folder and then needs to be linked like image.jpg without www or local in the path.

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Do you have a hint for me why the Icons in THE Homepage do not appear for the entities. The fa Icon appears like Shown in the Screenshot

Please join the English slack I can give you support there. Also for @MomoB

Okay. I will do so this evening /night.

Any Timebox recommended?

I see you are German? So normal times, daily between 9:00 and 22:00.

I want to highlight a feature of 1.1.2 which I think not everybody knows.
As of version 1.1.2 its possible to use switch or input_boolean as an scene entity in the scenes.yaml file. This way you can make some scenes automations. So toggle an input_boolean on, active an automation and do some things.



Firstly I typoed that. Should have said fas:. Definitely had to read the documentation but missed that fas: where different styles in Font Awesome. So when I went one their website I was clearly using the wrong style based on my input. Seems in your documentation that it does direct to the correct page to select fonts. This page I didn’t check! ;0

All working now!


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Yeah that’s great, because all my scenes are controlled by toggles (input booleans), so I can turn scenes on or off, like: turn off movie time, turn on movie time, etc… Looking forward to it. :wink:

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You know that you can already use this? :slight_smile: 1.1.2 has been released yesterday :smiley: .

Sorry, didn’t mean to offend. However, I have read your documentation, and I was using fas:bed (for example), and had no visible icon. After installing the integration, it worked without any other change. I understand that it may work for others without it, but it did not for me.

Then you did something wrong during the installation. I also recommend to clear your browser cache (on windows ctrl + f5) after you install my theme. It needs to load those Font Awesome icons without problems.

Hi Dwain, really good work on the theme. It is awesome looking.

Are you planning on adding support for security / alarm?

hi… first of all: Mega Project! I think this will be next standard imlaementation for home assistant frontend .)

I’ve problem with my vacuum. I use valetudo on my rooted robot and so far everything is working fine but i have som isses:

I Cannot chose a zone to clean… the small green square won’t move and i cannot chose another zone… i already have zones programmed and working but this map won’t work.
also i get servie error like this by trying to make “go-to” action:

any idea what’s going wrong here?

This is a bug. That card needs some calibration points and at this time I cant push them to the card. But i’m working hard on fixing this in a next update. So atm you can only see a live map but don’t use the go to function or zone cleaning of that map, sorry!

What do you exactly mean with this? The current version has already support for an alarm.

OK! Great to know :slight_smile: thanks for the quick answer… your app is more than awesomme! I replace my native android app with yours as it is instantly responsive :slight_smile:

I have a script that let’s me run pre-configured zoned cleanings… either i will add this to scenes or I will wait for your solution.

Thanks. Its just a small start of something big. I have so many features in my head for future updates. I’m working hard each day on it :slight_smile: In the mean time please subscribe to my YT channel and/or give me a star on the GitHub project :smiley:

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Oh yes, I forgot that I was already running the latest version :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy::rofl:

I will definetly do that!! Some short hints what u r working / planning on ? :slight_smile: Notification system would be awesome as mine is broken for month now (xmpp) .

I’d like seeing some graphs and stuff for my server information… I work on that now :slight_smile: