Dynamic Repeat Time for Alert using templates


it would be great if the repeat time of the alert integration could be set dynamically. I would use this for instance to change the alert time for closing a window based on the outside temperature.
This could be made possible by allowing the use of templates in alerts.

like this:

  name: "Schlafzimmer Fenster offen"
  message: "Das Schlafzimmerfenster ist noch offen"
  entity_id: binary_sensor.og_schlafzimmer_schiebetur_verschlussuberwachung
  state: "on"   # Optional, 'on' is the default value
  repeat: "{{ states('input_number.schlafzimmer_fenster_alert') }}"
  can_acknowledge: true  # Optional, default is true
  skip_first: true  # Optional, false is the default
    - telegramfah