Dynamically created helpers

Is there a way to create/destroy a helper with script? I need to create a number of timer helpers via script.
Is there a service to call or there is another way ?

This seems like an XY Problem

No. Chances are, you don’t need helpers, you just need variables. Can you just explain what you’re trying to do?

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Some years ago, I did something similar with AppDaemon. At least at that time, AppDeamon was able to create entities during runtime. But: 1. I think this is more a hack than a clean solution and 2. I don’t know if this is still possible and will be possible in the future.
I also suggest that you describe the problem you want to solve, maybe we find another way.

I want to create plant wattering system. However it wont be watterong flowers rather vegetables. So I will have different plots which would require different timing for watterring. I need to have timers for each plot depending on the number of vegetable types. I.e. the number of plots is related to number of vegetable types.
That’s why i need a way to create helper through scripts.