Dynamically creating a sensor label with the hour of the day

Hello Cogniscenti,
Using the DarkSky cloud cover is there a way to give the sensor a name so that the result will display on a graph with time of day along the x axis?
For example, the sensor name that DarkSky gives for cloud cover in 1 hour’s time is:

If it is 10am now, is there a way I can label the value of this sensor as 11:00? And then as time passes, in another hour this is recalculated so that the same sensor changes to 12:00 when the current time is 11:00?

What I am trying to achieve is a to have a history card showing the predicted cloud cover for each hour over the course of the day. And early each morning to be able to use the predicted cloud cover at 14:00 later that day to decide when to switch on a machine in the house.

Thank you very much for your advice. If it is something simple I should already know about I apologise!