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As a new dad didn’t want to spend the time to figure out what I want regarding thermostats and didn’t want to go out and spend 250 euros outright on a Nest thermostat. So I bought the ICY license for 25 euros a year. The good news? The integration continues to work because the URLs/Software is essentially the same, without the Essent logos.


With the lovelace API, the default mode names in Dutch break the UI. From the hint above and the Google Assistant mode names, I’ve changed mine to this:

    STATE_COMFORT = "auto"          # "comfort"
    STATE_SAVING = "eco"           # "saving"
    STATE_AWAY = "off"           # "away"
    STATE_FIXED_TEMP = "heat"  # "fixed temperature"

You could debate whether comfort should be heat or auto, since auto does automatically switch off. Either works and I now have beautiful lovelace cards again.


I dumped the ICY thermostaat and bought a used TOON for €50.
After the rooting of the thermostat I can control it from HA locally without the subscription.


@gerard33, just wanted to say thanks for keeping this plugin alive and rocking on 0.89 :slight_smile:

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Thanks. The link to the latest version of the component that works with the custom updater can be found here.


I updated HASS from 0.90 to 0.92, now your component seems broken @gerard33, could you check if it works for you? Unfortunately I cant find any helpful error messages in the log…


I think it will work again when you place this file in the component folder.
Will let you know if that works for me when updating to 0.92.

Edit: just updated to 0.92 and the component is working when placing the __init__.py file from the above link.


It works indeed! Thanks for the quick fix :+1: