E26 U.S. RGB Wifi Bulbs

I am trying to find some great economical bulbs that will work in standard e26 110V U.S. light bulb sockets. All the the lights I have seen are typically e27 and 220V. Will those work?

I have also been looking at the MiLight (Limitless LED) option but I am going back and forth between the various pros & cons of each setup.

I would like to know if anyone can confirm that the Xiaomi Yeelight lights work without any modification or converters in their US standard bulb socket.



I have 6 or 7 of these bulbs. All labeled 220V and work without issue in a 120V socket.

Some items to note.

  • One user (only one I have seen) noted that he could not complete the initial setup in a 120 V socket.
  • I have had one of my RGB bulbs die. Not sure of the cause. Gearbest refunded me a subset of the cost as I was outside of their 30 or 60 day warranty.
  • If you do get the yeelight bulbs, be aware they talk back to their server quite often to stay updated. I recommend blocking their internet access if you don’t plan on using the app after initial setup.

Another bulb to check out is the Ikea bulbs. They require the hub but its reasonable and I like the remote option. They have white and color options available now.

Not sure if you can buy an RGB bulb without the dimmer though. Having to buy a dimmer remote makes them not so cost competitive.

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Thank you @silvrr for the response. That helps me be a little more confident purchasing those bulbs. I will likely start with one to try it out.

I had not research the Ikea lights yet. I saw them in another thread but they are very similar to the MiLight it seems which also requires a bridge. One downside that another member mentioned about using the MiLights was being limited to the flexibility of individual lights. I am not educated enough myself yet to truly be able to offer an opinion one way or another. A solid benefit of a dedicated bridge is only having to deal with one IP address for all the lights. I like the idea of individual WiFi lights for the simple reason of having more flexibility in the future to create various automations.

Tip: they look cheaper on the non-US Gearbest website: https://www.gearbest.com/smart-lighting/pp_361555.html

@Bob_NL I also found them here… ships out of a US warehouse for faster delivery! Plus a little cheaper. I am tempted to order a dozen of them as they have an additional discount available (using the Honey plugin on Chrome) which gets me the down to ~ $17.50US per bulb!

So much for only ordering 1 of them! :joy:

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Mine says no valid discount codes found :frowning:

Coupon code: T10USIRFEB

BUT…it needs to be a $200 order :persevere: :persevere: :persevere:
Nobody tell my wife! :zipper_mouth_face:

Haha :zipper_mouth_face:

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